This Labor Day weekend (September 2nd, 3rd  and 4th) I will be displaying my fountains at the historic Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, (click here for map)

For more information on the Santa Fe Plaza (click here)
My booth is located in the center of the Historic Santa Fe Plaza. Just down the path from Lincoln and San Francisco Streets. Or if you come from La Fonda Hotel head to the center where the obelisk is and go to you left. This art show is for the Fiesta Santa Fe a volunteer organization created by the official Fiesta Proclamation of our city forefathers on September 16, 1712. A wonder group of people. Please visit me and the 100 + artist this weekend.
This will be my last show this year in New Mexico. My next show is in Patagonia, Arizona south of Tucson. Oct 6th thru 8th.