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Roberto Marquez with a 7-bowl 7-Foot Waterfall Fountain

Roberto Marquez with a 7-bowl 7-Foot Waterfall Fountain

Hi, my name is Roberto Marquez. I am a copper artist, and I make handmade copper fountains. I make copper waterfalls, indoor fountains, tabletop fountains, and outdoor fountains for your patio or garden. Each copper water fountain is handmade by me, hand torched and hammered from copper sheets and tubing. I know a lot of people make fountains. Being a fountain artist, I get a chance to talk to people and hear about their fountain experiences. Sure, there are a lot of cheap fountains out there. The real artistry comes in being able to create the cascading waterfalls that work. Where the water flows evenly and stays in the fountain. Getting a fountain that is properly balanced is important. I believe that my fountains are very reasonably priced for handmade copper fountains. I apprenticed with a master fountain maker for two years, and have been creating my own fountains for six years. I grew up in San Carlos, Mexico, near the Sea of Cortez. The trickling waters and cactus and lily motifs of my fountains remind me of my childhood days and the waters of Mexico.

Here I am creating my fontains.

The cascading waters of my fountains create a relaxing space for people. One of the things I enjoy the most is hearing back from satisfied customers. The gurgling waters have helped bring nature to many urban desktops. I thoroughly enjoy being a copper artist. People respond to my fountains, which makes me very happy.

In my tabletop fountains, the Rain Tree is my most popular fountain. In my medium and double wall fountains, the Calla Lily is very popular. For the purists, there is nothing better than the waterfall fountains for that cascading waterfall effect. A five to seven bowl patio waterfall fountain will provide you with relaxation and satisfaction for years to come.
Take a look. I would be happy to ship you one. Or, even better yet make you a custom copper fountain. You can reach me at my studio in Tucson, Arizona at 520-331-4127, or here online at www.handmadecopperfountains.com.

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  1. Curious about a 4-5 foot copper leaf cascading fountain for a plant room. 480-430-5501

  2. Looking at your website, I am interested in the Rain Tree fountain, but I’m wondering if you make more tabletop fountains that you don’t show on the site, and if so, do you have a catalog that you can send me? Are your fountains easy to assemble and do they come with the pump and everything necessary to set it up, plug it in and enjoy, or do I need to purchase items? Lastly, what is the shipping fee to Roseville, California?

  3. My husband, Harvey Morrow, surprised me for my birthday with one of your beautiful fountains! A large, 7-bowl creation, it is a treasure! We have enjoyed it so much. We would like to purchase a few more for family. Please contact us. Will you be in the area of Deming-Hatch, New Mexico in the near future? Thank you very much!

  4. Roberto, I have a friend that purchased one of your patio fountains at an art show in Manitou, Co recently. My wife loves fountains that remind her of mountain streams and I am interested in purchasing one similar. You utilized cedar wood with your copper and I know she would love it. Her birthday is coming up November 25 but if that date is not possible I could give it to her for Christmas. I will e-mail you a photo of the one I am interested in. Thanks, John Schween 318-366-6109

  5. I believe you were at the Mountain View Clubhouse in Saddlebrooke about 4 years or so ago (don’t exactly remember), when I purchased your beautiful Raintree tabletop water fountain! It is far more beautiful than your website shows! It became quite a conversation piece in our home due to its beauty and the large number of cascades. (We were wintering for 3 months in Saddlebrooke and driving our car across country from Connecticut at that time.) The past few years we have found it necessary to fly. Well, this is our 11th, and final winter, in Saddlebrooke. We return to Connecticut on March 30th.
    Just prior to coming out here, I was painting a wall and had to move the fountain, temporarily, to the floor of our bedroom. My husband accidentally tripped over something, and fell onto the fountain, and sadly bent it beyond repair.
    When we return to Connecticut at the end of this month, we plan on ordering that same fountain again. It is truly a beautiful work of art! Karen & Ed

  6. Greetings,
    Your art is beautiful!
    I’m on a garden club committee in Oregon. We are looking for a copper bowl / birdbath with a lip suitable for engraving.
    I would welcome a conversation with you, to see if you might have what we are looking for.
    Thank you!

  7. Can you send me some pictures of your work. I am interested in outdoor fountain 5-7’

    Thanks Ted Arens

  8. I would like to contact you. I tried the “contact” icon on you page and it did nothing… I would like to have a fountain base made about 30″ in diameter. More specifics if you would be willing to do something for me.

    Where are you located ?

    Dick Cook

    Oro Valley

  9. Hello Roberto, we purchased this exact 7 bowl fountain over 10 years ago in Prescott, az. And it has brought us many years of enjoyment.
    We would love to have the top bowl welded back on as the fountain fell and it broke off. Can you advise us on how best to get it repaired?
    Much thanks,
    Terri McGhee

  10. Roberto, I purchased one of your beautiful fountains today in Tempe. Absolutely love it!!! Thank you so very much!

  11. Hi Roberto,
    We saw you last month at a show and we were interested in getting one of your bowl fountains you gave us a price of $850 but you also said we could get a 10% cash discount and that it would be tax free and you would also deliver to Del Webb Dove mountain. We would love to order one for our garden.
    Thanks 😃,
    Floyd Flack
    7054 W Cliff Spring Trail
    Marana AZ 85658

  12. We have a large copper bowl fountain, 4 bowls 65″ high, lower bowl is 32″ wide that we would like to sell. It has some denting but doesn’t leak. We would like to sell it, can you help us? We live in Phoenix.

  13. I was wondering if you can give me a price on a twenty inch fluted base. I have a table top fountain but I need to replace the base and I love copper.

  14. I have a antique copper fountain but I know it’s quite old but I have no idea what its value is
    and I’m open for suggestion how I might find out I could take pictures and forward if I knew who to forward it to
    Thank you

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