Maintaining a Copper Fountain


Copper Fountain Care

Household furniture polish with a soft cloth will help with daily maintenance.  Do not let droplets of water to accumulate on the copper parts for a long period of time.  DO NOT USE COPPER CLEANER, as this will remove the patina, leaving the original bright copper finish (unless you want that look).  I recommend you simply do nothing and allow nature to perform its own permanent patina.  Your fountain will travel through different hues of oxidation and eventually will look like the copper on the Statue of Liberty.  How quickly your fountain will patina depends upon your climate, the water you use, and how you maintain your fountain.  If you have hard water I recommend you use distilled water to prevent mineral deposits.  Copper is a natural material, reactive to its environment, and it will oxidize from exposure to air and water, and darken from exposure to the sun.

Priming the Pump

Fill the fountain with water, submerse the pump and plug it in.  Let the pump run for a few seconds to let air trapped inside escape.  Note: you can adjust the water from your fountain to change how fast it runs and how it sounds.  Hook up your pump and enjoy the fountain.