Copper Water Fountain Mini Waterfall


The Minil Waterfall Fountain is made up of a clockwise spiral of cascading bowls with water that falls into the basin below.


The Mini Waterfall is 2 feet tall with 5 cascading bowls of water into a larger bowl at the base. A smaller version of the larger waterfall fountains. Makes a great indoor water fountain.

If you like the sound of cascading water, nothing is better than my waterfall fountains. They each include a clockwise spiral of cascading bowls of water, falling into the basin below. Waterfall fountains feature from five up to seven bowls. The smallest waterfall fountain I make is the 2’ 5-bowl Mini Waterfall. (shown here) The next size is the Copper Fountain 6 Bowl Waterfall (click link) After the 6 bowl is the 7 bowl and then the 5-foot, 5-bowl uses the same large bowls as my 7-foot waterfall fountain. This 5’ fountain really creates a sense of space on a patio, deck or in a courtyard. Like all of my other fountains, the leaves, stalks, bowls, and basin are completely handmade out of copper. They are each hand cut, shaped, assembled – even the patina is done by hand by me

Shipping information: Fountain ships from Tucson Arizona. Shipping to the east coast is around $50 to $60. / Midwest $40 to $55. To the west coast and surrounding states $35 to $45. Call or email me and I can give you an exact quote.


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