Copper Water Fountain 7 Bowl 7 Foot Waterfall

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7 foot tall with 7 waterfall bowls all made from copper. Close your eyes and stand next to this fountain and you would think you are next to a mountain stream with a waterfall. Holds 60 gallons of water. Base is 4 1/2 feet across. Copper water fountains welded by hand. All cat tails, leaves, stalks, stems and basin are completely handmade from copper. Each piece is hand cut, shaped and welded together – even the patina is done by hand. This fountain takes over 150 pieces to create.


Please call me at, 520-331-4127, if you are interested in purchasing my 7-bowl Waterfall Fountain.  We can calculate the shipping costs and discuss payment options.

The 7-Bowl Waterfall Fountain is made up of a clockwise spiral of cascading copper bowls with water that falls into the basin below.  This design is offered in two different sizes; one that is 4 feet tall with a 28 inch base and the other is 7 feet tall with a 44 inch base.  Both fountains come with a pump that will mimic the soothing sound of a waterfall and is sure to dramatically alter the ambiance of a room, patio or courtyard!  All the copper components of my Waterfall Fountains are hand cut, shaped, assembled finished and even the patina is done by hand by me.

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1 review for Copper Water Fountain 7 Bowl 7 Foot Waterfall

  1. Thomas Ashbeck

    We have the 7-foot tall, 7 copper bowl fountain and we enjoy it at our Mesa, AZ home everyday, It is a beautiful landscape piece that produces a soothing, flowing water ambiance. I highly recommend an original Roberto Marquez fountain. Here’s a hint use soft water if you are able.

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