Thank you for your interest in my hand made copper water fountains; This Labor Day weekend I am in Santa Fe at the Historic Plaza. (CLICK HERE for map to the Plaza) My booth is located in the center of the Plaza across from the gazebo. For things to do in Santa Fe (click here)

booth photo1 santa fe 2014

My booth in Santa Fe

The rest of the month of September will be spent making fountains. After the Santa Fe Art Show it takes me weeks to make new fountains, both for my next art show and for the customers who purchased a fountain at the Santa Fe Art Show.

My next art show (in October) is in Sierra Vista and then in Patagonia both in southern Arizona. See my show listings for more details. (click here)

I am still having my website updated so not all the fountains will be displayed. I plan to have the website updated in the next month or so. You can call me if you are interested in a fountain that is not on my website and you saw at an art show. 520-331-4127