Copper Water Fountain Medium Spiral design with Double Wall Base


Spiral design with leaves and double wall base copper metal water fountain.

In stock (can be backordered)


Please call me at, 520-331-4127, if you are interested in purchasing my medium Spiral Double Wall Base Water Fountain.  We can calculate the shipping costs and discuss payment options. Shipping prices run from $95 to $175 depending on your location.

With the unique Spiral design the leafs make up the bowls of the fountain, as water trickles from leaf to leaf around the fountain and into a large pond outlined in a double wall copper base. All lily pads, leaves, stalks, and basin are completely handmade out of copper. They are each hand cut, shaped, assembled – even he patina is done by hand by me. Water fountain is 22 inches tall and the base is about 18 inches inches wide. This fountain is a sculpture piece even with out water. The sound of running water adds another dimension which is very soothing. 

This fountain also comes in a 3 and 4 foot size. Please visit my double wall fountains selection for the other double wall base fountains or my selection hand made copper water fountain.

A submersible water pump is included with each fountain. I do not make the water pump.

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